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Friday, 30 January 2015

Current Hoerle-Guggenheim exhibits

Its all about rock and roll / bright colors / a variety of artists / tribal vibes / and of course.. Mick Jagger! 

Featured artists: 

Retna*Natvar Bhavsar* Andy Warhol*Evan Penny* Jason Dussault* Marco Glaviano* Peter Beard*Nelson Saiers*Raphael Mazzucco

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Jack Belcher - Reconfigured

Margaret Thatcher Projects presents artwork by Jack Belcher, featuring works on paper, in which this common material translates into its own visual language.

In her approach, Jack Belcher keeps in mind how to draw on her bright white surfaces without adding or subtracting physical components. Instead, Bleacher cuts into the paper, manipulating light and  shadow organized into patterns that evoke natural phenomena in shape and form. 

**Love this white on white with a juxtaposition of shadow and light! Absolutely refreshing!

Parra - Yer so bad!

Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents a series of works by Amsterdam based, Dutch artist Parra. You can see the beautiful post-pop imagery - signature hybrid figures and freeform typography in works of canvas and paper, that he describes as fast and freestyle.

Source of inspiration 'the everyday and the awkward'. His work can be described as provocative with a comic-like sensibility.