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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mush-up music

I've acquired a weird taste in music... one that requires two songs playing simultaneously and blending together, creating a unique and usually chaotic mix..

What a familiar picture.. me in the subway - headphones on to shut the world out..

and in the background

noise from voices blending with that of the moving train and the music from the random violin/ bongo/ saxophone player.

 i find this sort of mush-up music being more awakening that coffee..

the record still playing in my ears ... creating layers and layers of music and sounds that transform each song into something new and unexpected.

maybe thats another way to listen to music..

and maybe i'm just going a little bit crazy.


For your musical cocktail:

Mix preferably classical music (violin) with ..

dunno.. some conjure one

* enjoy responsibly.