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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Is there life after Birth?

Two embryos talk inside a mother's womb. The one says:
'So do you really think there's life after birth?'

The other responds.. 'Of course. For me, its absolutely certain there is. Our life here is just so that we can grow, prepare ourselves for life after birth, and be strong enough for what awaits us there.’

The other responds..’That’s quite stupid. There is no life after birth. How would such a life look like anyway?!’

The other responds..’I have no clue! But there’s definitely more light than there is here. And we might even be standing on our legs and feeding with our mouths!’

The other responds exasperated.. ‘What a bunch of bull. There is no such thing as walking. And feeding through the mouth is utterly ridiculous – we have the umbilical cord that feeds us well enough. This in itself shows us life after birth is impossible: the umbilical cord is too short!’

The other responds.. ‘It is possible. It just might be somewhat different to what it is here.’

The other loses its patience.. ‘No one, and i mean no one, has ever come back from birth! Just get over it: birth is the end of life. Full stop. And here’s another thing, life is one big hassle in the dark, that’s what it is.’

The other responds.. ‘I admit i don’t know what life after birth is like..but in any case, we’ll get to see our mother and she’ll take care of us’.

The other loses it.. ‘Mother?! You believe in a mother?!! That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry but, where is she i’d like to ask?’

The other gestures with its hand.. ‘She’s here! Everywhere around us. We live inside her and through her. Without her we could not exist!’

The other responds.. ‘This really is the epitome of stupidity. I cannot see your mother anywhere. Not a piece of her – and its quite obvious why – she doesn’t exist!’

The other shakes its head and closes its eyes.. ‘Sometimes, when we’re very quiet, i can hear her sing. Or caress our world. I feel and honestly believe that birth is a big, new start!’

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The new female and the new male are partners on a journey of spiritual growth. 
They want to make the journey. 
Their love and trust keep them together. 
Their intuition guides them. 
They consult with each other. 
They are friends. 
They laugh a lot. 
They are equals. 
That is what a spiritual partnership is: a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Of chillies and broths

There is an old Mexican saying that goes a little something like this: 
“Ahora es cuando, chile verde, le has de dar sabor al caldo.” 
Make sense? No?
 Well, for all you non-Spanish speakers, it translates as, 
“Time has come, green chili, to give your flavor to the broth.” 
It’s sort of a food metaphor for life. It means the moment has arrived. It’s here and you’ve got to act with resolution. 
You’ve got to be the cute little green chili who decides now is the time to make your move.
 What move, you ask? 
First step to a new life